daily food journal: day 2

Yes, this is a day late! Sorry! Um, how shall I put this? Mommy got a little tipsy last night 😉 We had a girls night! My sister, mom, and best friends went to a local area wine and art showing night and it was really fun!! Unfortunately, I had a few free glasses of white wine they were giving out and I so rarely drink anymore! That was definitely not cool. My body hated it 😦 I had fun at the time though! But I am definitely not drinking alcohol again anytime soon! So yeah, here is yesterday, day 2.

Brunch (we slept in!)–

  • James: 9oz sippy of almond and coconut milks plus supplements when he woke up, then 2 grassfed breakfast sausage patties, scrambled (pastured) eggs in pastured butter with a little goat cheese mixed in, a banana, and a little organic apple juice mixed into his water
  • Me: 1 sausage patty, scrambled eggs in butter with leftover roasted veggies and goat cheese mixed in, 1 mandarin orange.


  • James: blackberries, strawberries, a mandarin orange, a chocolate chip coconut treat.
  • Me: a plain coconut treat.

Linner– :p

  • Me: Delicious veggie green curry that my sister and I made while James napped! (green onion, bell pepper, crimini mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage.)


  • James: He went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant with my husband and inlaws. He had lots of guacamole, a few chips and salsa, taco meat, refried beans, and Mexican rice.
  • Me, late night: Girls night! This is where the several glasses of white wine come in :p And we nibbled on all sorts of things: cheese and gluten free crackers, shrimp Pad Thai, cabbage wraps, spring rolls, etc.

What did YOU eat yesterday? 🙂


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