daily food journal: day 4

Well, today (food & drink-wise) went about as I expected.  Not great but not awful 😉 But that’s okay, every day is a new day!  We had so much fun out on the boat all day though!  I was with two of my best friends, Suzanne and Beka, and a few others for the Poker Run.


You have to boat to at least 5 different bars on the canal and get them to sign a card to get a poker hand and then you win something or other…  ya know, I don’t even know what happens then because we got back too late to qualify! lol.  But yeah, most people were drinking all day long, yet I only had a couple of beers and a couple of jello shots total, so I’ll consider that a slight success. 😉 And shockingly, I even know everything James ate back at home because my wonderful husband actually WROTE IT DOWN FOR ME.  I asked him to try to remember what he eats today for my blog but the fact that he was so thorough really means a lot.  So, THANKS, BABE! You rock! 🙂 ❤


  • James: 2 scrambled eggs, 1 sausage patty, 1 banana, 2 strawberries.
  • Me: 2 eggs scrambled with leftover roasted veggies mixed in, 1 sausage patty.


  • James: 1/2 hamburger patty, roasted carrots, turnips, and parsnips, organic ketchup & mustard.
  • Me: strawberries, grapes, nuts, beef jerky, and I did have a few bites of various fried appetizers the group ordered at one bar (cheese sticks, crab balls, onion rings).


  • James: taco meat, guacamole, tomatoes, refried beans, 2 gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.
  • Me: dill Havarti with rice crackers, amazing spinach salad (red and green onions, bacon, boiled eggs, parmesan, and Italian dressing made by my BFF (she makes the most delicious dressings!!!), and my super cheat (but worth it)… homemade lasagna and a tiny piece of garlic bread!!

So… what did YOU eat today? 🙂


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