my first (colorful) 5K!

I’ve been super busy the past couple of days, so I probably won’t get a chance to write another actual post until after the weekend.  But I did want to let everyone know y’all should like my facebook page (link should be on the left side of this page), as I share more frequent things on there than I do here. This blog is mainly for longer, more informative entries 🙂

Also, I ran (well, mostly walked, haha!) my first 5K today!!!  Exercise/fitness is definitely something I am just beginning and I have a long way to go, so this was pretty exciting for me 🙂  Healthy diet and natural living come much more easily to me than exercise, but I am determined to make the effort because I know they should go hand-in-hand in order for me to be the best I can be.


My fit and beautiful momma and me after The Color Run today. So much fun!


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